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Live Life Vegetarian Restaurant Review

We know that eating vegetables is one way to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Many people believe that being a vegetarian is worthwhile. As for me, I also eat vegetables even if I’m a huge fan of grilled meat and seafood. So when I had a chance to interview Nonoy Zuñiga and a new talent, Pau Cueto, at Live Life Vegetarian Restaurant in Makati City, I immediately accepted the invitation upon reading the message. It was clear to me that I recently decided to eat more vegetables so the invitation was perfect.

live life vegetarian restaurant

Pasta Pomodoro

live life vegetarian restaurant spaghetti

The Pasta Pomodoro is simple tasty with tomato sauce and herbs that really made it deliciously healthy.

Turon [Banana Jackfruit Medley]

live life vegetarian restaurant

Fresh Vegetable Lumpia

fresh lumpia live life vegetarian restaurant

If you’re looking for a delectable lumpia, the fresh vegetable lumpia served at Live Life Vegetarian Restaurant is totally delicious.

Buko Shake [Coconut with a hint of Kaffir Lime]

buko shake live life vegetarian restaurant

I’m a fan of Buko Shake so I didn’t say no when this was served to us, apart from the tasty snacks we’ve already tried that day.

Chocolate Banana Shake with Agave [Made from raw Cacao, Agave and Almond Milk]

live life vegetarian restaurant chocolate drink

Last but not the least, the sweet and healthy chocolate drink. Well, I don’t drink coffee so this one is perfect for me.

By the way, I’m planning to try their Veggie Buffet that’s offered every Saturday since it’s very affordable. For only Php295.00 per person, you’ll enjoy a lot of cooked vegetables complete with appetizer, main course, dessert and bottomless drink of the day.

Live Life Restaurant is located at 2240 Chino Roces Avenue Makati City. FOR RESERVATIONS pls call: (02) 478 6310 / 0917 811 7435

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Reminiscing Runway To Modesty Fashion Show

Fashion shows are exciting, especially for a certified fashion lover like me. When I was a kid, I used to daydream, think about the future and hope to sit in front rows of runway shows. For a little kid who also dreamed to be a lawyer, combining my two passions – fashion and legal profession – is unrealistic. Even though it was an uphill slope for me, I still dream about its final realization even up to these days.

karence lopez with claire dienz

Claire Dienz and I dazzle with our chosen outfits.

Well, I’ve already spent days and nights sitting in front of catwalk shows after I learned to run a fashion and lifestyle blog. Remember, I was a frequent guest of Pablo Cabahug shows in the metro. I’m a fan of his creations. I also drop by at designated venues for Philippine Fashion Week events. In a span of five years, I’ve already made the other dream come true – to sit in front rows of my favorite  runway events. My next goal is to be a lawyer, finally, after years of facing such a failure. Will I be able to make it a reality?

karence and iris

My friend, Iris, loves anything blue. 

I’ve learned that making use of what you have in life is the new game plan. So I continue learning about styling while preparing to give it a try again to be named as a lawyer. One of the inspiring things that I did years ago is creating a fashion show to support our church activities.

I cast my mind back to the days when I get to produce a fashion show – entitled Runway to Modesty. My church-mates participated the event that was held at Dipolog City Boulevard and we were able to present our part for the Family Week celebration at that time. Our goal is to inspire the audience to learn about wearing modest fashion clothing and its importance in life. As a result, my passion for fashion goes on and on and it inspires me to move forward.

karence lopez fashion show in dipolog city

Aisie was also present at the event, hence, the photo opportunity.

I may not be able to give you the exact time it was held for the celebration, but I can still remember how we made it possible. Indeed, being passionate about something is a revelation that nothing is impossible. One day, time after time, something grander will happen.

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Vikings Luxury Buffet Favorite Dishes

Every fashion lover who loves eat-all-you-can dining style is wonderful. Why? We used to delay eating and finish photo shoots every now and then. Our goal is to look good on photos, dreading to look bloated on camera. But, eating all you can in a luxurious restaurant? It’s a different story.

I’m so lucky I can eat whatever I want without thinking I’ll get extra fat later. Well, I used to be so slim, with weight problems for so long. To gain an ideal weight for my age, I try to eat right and keep a healthy lifestyle. I want to look good in photos and in real life so I worked hard to achieve it. After all, fashion blogging needs discipline and willingness to live for the dream.

Here, in this post, are my favorite dishes at Vikings Luxury Buffet. We had a chance to try dining at their branch in SM Megamall.

vikings sushi

Kani Sushi rules. Who can resist delicious crabstick sushi here?

eggplant vikings

For so long, I’m craving for cooked Aubergine or eggplant. Even up to now, I still want it for breakfast. When I tasted Viking’s version of fried Aubergine, I got more interested.

cheddar cheese

All things cheese. Choose your own favorite. I’m still rooting for Cheddar cheese since I love the taste.

devilled egg vikings

Want more devilled eggs? It’s a luxurious way of eating eggs nowadays.

nachos vikings

Nachos! Great for snacks. And it’s served at Vikings Luxury Buffet generously.

pasta vikings

Choose your own pasta. My choice is White Vongole. It’s unique and delectable. Who wouldn’t try to eat an exotic dish?

polio cacciatore vikings

Sounds familiar. I’ve already tried this at home. The hunter’s chicken is so delicious. Now you know – I love Italian dishes.

salmon canape vikings

I’m so in love with Salmon Canapé since the flavor is interesting. It’s nutritious and tasty, too.

spaghetti montanara

Obviously, we fell in love with Spaghetti Montanara right there and then. You’ll be amazed of its heavenly taste. It’s not everyday that I get to try this one.

strawberry princess

The princess is always the last one to take the way, isn’t it? Strawberry Princess is sweet. You’ll love it.

It was an amazing day for all of us. We’ve gathered at SM Megamall to dine at Vikings Luxury Buffet, and enjoyed shopping later. For the fine dining experience and shopping, I paid less than Php700 and Php199 for a pair of flat shoes.

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Featuring Limbaga 77 Cafe Restaurant in Tomas Morato Quezon City

As a blogger, I always keep the memories of the places that I visit while attending events with my collaborators. It’s one way to enjoy writing and sharing ideas with others.

Obviously, I had wonderful memories at Limbaga 77 Cafe Restaurant. I’ve imagined it – it’s the place where the latest popular Filipino band is born – Let Gravity.

limbaga 77 food

You’re right. I’m one of the bloggers who attended the launching of Let Gravity at Limbaga 77 Cafe Restaurant in Tomas Morato area, along Quezon City nightspots.

limbaga 77 dessert and drinks

The place is awesome – I’m in awe of its beauty – especially that the restaurant is created as if you’re at home. The dishes are truly delectable and the drinks will make you remember homemade juice prepared with love.

I’d like to share that the customer service offered at Limbaga 77 Cafe Restaurant is remarkably awesome. It’s one of the reasons I’ll always remember my short visit there.

77 limbaga cakes and pastries

Don’t worry, it’s a popular casual dining place so you can easily find it on your next food trip schedule. Even though it’s considered a hidden little gem in Quezon City, you can still find it even if it’s your first time to visit the place.

limbaga 77

Have you been to Limbaga 77 Cafe Restaurant? Share you comments below. I’ll be happy to reply. Stay chic!