In Love With Karence

If Soulmates Exist Here and Hereafter

I’ll write something different today. Behind the glitz and glamour of fashion, there’s a story to tell for everyone who believes in forever. Why is it that the most beautiful things in this world exist? I wonder about it. In the end, I’ve come to realize that true love drives all men and women to make this world a beautiful place.

True love defies opposition in all things. Ardent lovers create a beautiful world. I’m so emotional about this topic because I’m a firm believer of eternal love and it doesn’t matter to me if my current experiences fail to tell it so. One day, I’ll be set free.

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As a writer, I imagine the beginning of all things. Was there love beyond the creation of earth? Do we have a mother in heaven? Why are we here in this planet? A lot of things bother me. Now, at this moment, I wonder if soulmates exist.

Do you have a soulmate? That someone who’s connected to you with the invisible red string? Find him. If you’ve already found him, be loyal to him. If ever you’ve found him and you can’t be together under the circumstances, listen to your heart. There must be another time hereafter that will lead him to you again. No one is certain about this. Yet, I’m sure that some people are lucky enough to live a lifetime of meeting their lovers without facing so many obstacles.

Let’s celebrate true love today. There will always be a time that you’ll enjoy walking in the pathway that will make you finally find that someone.