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Introducing My Other Blog Karen Ezine

I know that you always visit this blog.

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How To Style a Pre Loved Red Blouse

Every frugal fashion lover must learn the ways to save cash while showcasing passion for fashion. We have tons of stylish items to buy so we need to be prudent enough in every shopping spree.

As for me, I prepare a plan before shopping. Before creating such plan, I check my favorite fashion websites for inspiration. Then, I list the items that I need to buy.

karence lopez style 1

Top: Thrifted | Skirt: Thrifted | Footwear: SM Aura Department Store

Here, I found a chic red blouse at one of my favorite second-hand stores. We know that pre-loved items cost less so you already know why I mix wearing luxurious and second hand pieces.

To make it more feminine, I chose to wear a structured skirt that I also bought in my favorite second-hand store. Also, I wore a trendy pair of shoes that I bought at SM Department Store to finish off the look. My makeup isn’t too heavy to show off since I’m already wearing a bold red blouse in this look.

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Chic Brown Dress for Sunday School

We attend church services every Sunday and it matters to me to wear fabulous modest clothing items. Since I’m a busy girl, I have no time segregating my collection of modest clothes, so I just get any item in my garment bag. It would depend on my choice of footwear so I just choose one-color item for ease and comfort.

little black modest dress 3

Luckily, I saw this little brown dress with a white bow ornament in the waistline. It’s not too short and not too long, perfect for church activities. Though I preferred to wear a pair of yellow wedges for this look, I didn’t mind it as long as I don’t bring any of my pink bags. So I end up carrying only my scripture bag for the day since it’s dark brown.

karence lopez style 4

Obviously, I found this gorgeous piece in one of my favorite second-hand stores. It’s affordable, styling and fit for modest fashion. The purple flower necklace is just an addition to the look, obviously, because I just want to wear it.

modest black dress by karence 2

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Reminiscing Runway To Modesty Fashion Show

Fashion shows are exciting, especially for a certified fashion lover like me. When I was a kid, I used to daydream, think about the future and hope to sit in front rows of runway shows. For a little kid who also dreamed to be a lawyer, combining my two passions – fashion and legal profession – is unrealistic. Even though it was an uphill slope for me, I still dream about its final realization even up to these days.

karence lopez with claire dienz

Claire Dienz and I dazzle with our chosen outfits.

Well, I’ve already spent days and nights sitting in front of catwalk shows after I learned to run a fashion and lifestyle blog. Remember, I was a frequent guest of Pablo Cabahug shows in the metro. I’m a fan of his creations. I also drop by at designated venues for Philippine Fashion Week events. In a span of five years, I’ve already made the other dream come true – to sit in front rows of my favorite  runway events. My next goal is to be a lawyer, finally, after years of facing such a failure. Will I be able to make it a reality?

karence and iris

My friend, Iris, loves anything blue. 

I’ve learned that making use of what you have in life is the new game plan. So I continue learning about styling while preparing to give it a try again to be named as a lawyer. One of the inspiring things that I did years ago is creating a fashion show to support our church activities.

I cast my mind back to the days when I get to produce a fashion show – entitled Runway to Modesty. My church-mates participated the event that was held at Dipolog City Boulevard and we were able to present our part for the Family Week celebration at that time. Our goal is to inspire the audience to learn about wearing modest fashion clothing and its importance in life. As a result, my passion for fashion goes on and on and it inspires me to move forward.

karence lopez fashion show in dipolog city

Aisie was also present at the event, hence, the photo opportunity.

I may not be able to give you the exact time it was held for the celebration, but I can still remember how we made it possible. Indeed, being passionate about something is a revelation that nothing is impossible. One day, time after time, something grander will happen.