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How To Style a Pre Loved Red Blouse

Every frugal fashion lover must learn the ways to save cash while showcasing passion for fashion. We have tons of stylish items to buy so we need to be prudent enough in every shopping spree.

As for me, I prepare a plan before shopping. Before creating such plan, I check my favorite fashion websites for inspiration. Then, I list the items that I need to buy.

karence lopez style 1

Top: Thrifted | Skirt: Thrifted | Footwear: SM Aura Department Store

Here, I found a chic red blouse at one of my favorite second-hand stores. We know that pre-loved items cost less so you already know why I mix wearing luxurious and second hand pieces.

To make it more feminine, I chose to wear a structured skirt that I also bought in my favorite second-hand store. Also, I wore a trendy pair of shoes that I bought at SM Department Store to finish off the look. My makeup isn’t too heavy to show off since I’m already wearing a bold red blouse in this look.

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